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- All new Armbinder Purchases (Lacing & Zippered) - 25% Discount PLUS
any Gag of your choice added free.

Important !
Due to substantial world currency changes thanks to recent events in the UK, I will be having to
make price changes across the board. I'm going to keep an eye on the currency prices for now, as
this would make the first price increase in two years, hence my reluctance. So you have been
warned, get those orders in sooner rather than later.

*Zippered Armbinder* - *Locking and Regular Blindfold* - *More Single Strap Gag Options*
*Blue Muzzle Gag*

Now available!!

Images of the Zippered Armbinder in the "Images" Section below

Why not go White? We have the Armbinders, Bondage Harnesses, Straps, and Gags, all in
white. Perfect for that sweet innocent look or maybe marriage attire. ;-)

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A Zippered Royal Blue Armbinder

A Red lacing Armbinder

White Zippered Armbinder with

White Ring & Ball Gag

A blue Lacing Armbinder, matching

Blue Muzzle Gag and Blue Straps

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Any bondage gear made to order
 If you have an idea for something special or different or just want a ball gag made a certain way, ask us and we can see what we can do!

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